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Swedish 60 / 90 min: 160 / 250 zł

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    • It is a classic european massage.
    • Includes the whole body or parts of it.
    • Stimulates the activity of the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems.
    • Strengthens and regenerates the body as well as relaxes it.
      Recommended to everyone, especially people struggling with various types of pains and tensions.

Rose relaxation 70 / 90 min: 220 / 270 zł

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    • Massage oil is enriched with natural rose oil, one of the most expensive and precious essential oils. To produce 1 kg of oil, 5 tons of flowers are needed, which are harvested only once a year.
    • The massage has an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and calming effect.
    • Rose oil strengthens blood vessels and reduces the redness of the skin. The oil is rich in vitamins A and C which are essential for the production of collagen.
    • This massage also includes aromatherapy. It has an anxiolytic effect, reduces anxiety and lowers cortisol level.
    • It is a full body massage based on various massage techniques, including Swedish massage, Ayurvedic and oriental massages. The massage is adjusted according to the client’s needs and the therapist’s intuition.

Ayurvedic Abhyanga 90 / 120 min: 250 / 300 zł

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    • It is a classic Ayurvedic massage that has a beneficial effect on the body, spirit and soul. It focuses on moving energy throughout the body and stimulating vital points located in the most important energy channels.
    • Relaxes and increases the body’s energy level.
    • Stimulates the circulatory system, oxygenates the cells and removes toxins.
    • According to Ayurvedic medicine, maintaining a high level of energy is very important for the well-being of the body.

Ayurvedic Udvartana 90 min: 250 zł

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  • It is an Ayurvedic body massage in which the massage therapist uses a special herbal powder similar to peeling as well as oils.
  • Shapes the figure and removes excess water from the body.
  • It improves the functioning of the lymphatic system and has a strong detoxifying effect.
  • Relaxes and increases the body’s energy level.

Padanghata – coming soon

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  • It is an Ayurvedic body massage that is performed using massage therapist’s feet. The client is lying on a mattress.
  • It is an intense, energetic and, at the same time, plesant massage.
  • The massage reduces the deep muscle tension and improves the work of the circulatory system while the exercise positively affects the nervous system.
  • The massage has a beneficial effect on fascia and joints.

Bamboo Cho 90 min: 250 zł

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  • It is a body massage performed with bamboo brushes and sticks.
  • It removes muscle tension as well as the deposits and toxins accumulated in the human body.
  • The silicon contained in the bamboos provokes the phenomenon of pizoelectricity on the cells which creates a power that energizes the client.

Shiroabhyanga (head) 30 min: 90 zł

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    • It is an Ayurvedic massage of the head, neck and shoulders.
    • It has a beneficial effect on the body, mind and spirit by relaxing the head muscles and stimulating the marma points on the head.
    • Strengthens the nervous system. Recommended for stressed out people.
    • Due to the fact that there are many receptors on the head, this massage brings deep relaxation and allows you to get away from everyday life.

Thai feet massage 50 min: 99 zł

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  • It is a massage of the feet and lower legs. The client is lying on the bed.
  • This massage combines massage techniques with elements of acupressure.
  • Eliminates deep tensions, improves mobility and flexibility of ankle joints.
  • By pressing the appropriate places on the feet, the massage therapist improves the functioning and the efficiency of the entire body.

Massage type selected individually with the massage therapist

Short massage:

70 minutes: 170 zł

Standard massage:

90 minutes: 250 zł

Long massage:

120 minutes: 300 zł

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Help you relax


Remove tension


Firm the body


Detoxify and oxygenate cells


Increase energy levels


Improve mood

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of customers come back


The massage exceeded all of my expectations. You can see that Agata loves what she does. She knew exactly which parts of the body needed more attention. I really enjoyed the Abhyanga Ayurvedic massage. There was also a surprise for the soul at the end of the massage.

Monica Cybart


Best massage I’ve ever had! The perfect place for amazing relaxation. All in a unique atmosphere and with an individual approach. This isn’t just another ordinary massage studio, but a place with atmosphere that is full of passion and professionalism.

Rob Czepiel


Massages at a high level. Moreover, there’s a unique atmosphere which additionally helps relaxation. The tension and muscle problems disappeared after a very detailed and precisely performed massage. I highly recommend the Bee Free massage studio.

Alice Leszczynska

Young mum

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